Monday, January 4, 2010

Gift Roundup

As usual I received some great Christmas gifts to use around my home.  This year I asked my brothers for some gift cards to either Home Depot or Lowes so I could buy some tools to enhance my tool box.  They did not disappoint!


I bought:

  • Hacksaw
  • Hammer (I have one but this one is a bit larger and has a great handle)
  • Channel Locks
  • Chisels
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Shop light (and extension cord)
  • Wrenches
  • Wonder bar

I still have some money left over so we’ll see what else I decide to buy!  My parents bought me the Shark Cyclonic Pet power-vac. Why did I want it?  I have a Dyson for the floors but I’ve also had a small dust buster that I use to quickly clean up stray strands/dust bunnies before guests come over.  My dust buster was on its last leg and I also wanted something with a brush so I could quickly clean the couch and chair without having to get out my Dyson.


I excitedly charged it for 20 hours and then attacked my parents’ couch to see what it could pull up.  Let me just say that this does not disappoint.  This guy loses a LOT of fur…


…and the Shark easily sucked it all out of the couch.  I have no doubt that it will suck up Sami’s stray strands as well.  My clothing and my guests thank my parents for the great gift!


  1. My husband asked Santa for a Shark as well and he got one from his mom. At first I thought it was sad that he asked for a vacuum cleaner for Xmas but it turns out that I love it. Our couch seems to be a magnet for cat hair but the Shark takes care of it all. Enjoy!

  2. Your parent's dog is adorable! He looks a lot like my dog that is a Westie-Poo. What type of dog is he?

  3. Thanks Amanda! Lucky is a West Highland Terrier (or a Westie) so you are right, he looks a lot like your dog!


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