Friday, January 8, 2010

iTouch Applications Roundup

As a gift to myself for both Christmas and my upcoming birthday (March) I decided to buy an iTouch. There are so many apps for games, utilities, productivity, etc that you can download for either free or a  small fee.  I thought I’d list some of my favorite home related apps (both free and those with a minimal fee) for anyone else who is a fan of the iTouch/iPhone.

apps11. Flashlight – (free) fills your screen with a bright, white light to illuminate dark spaces.  Helpful in dark basements!

2. iHandy Level – (free) exactly what it sounds like – a level to hang pictures, level a flat surface, etc.

3. Convert Units for Free - (free) easy conversion tool that converts angles, energy, force, mass, length, etc.  I’m terrible with conversions so I’ve used this one frequently already!

apps24. Bolt & Nut - (free) helps you determine what size wrench you need for a nut, figure out if something is measured using the metric system or SAE and tells you the type of head on your bolts.

5. Home Stuff - (free) an easy-to-use, quick and convenient way to find a home improvement or repair service near you

6. Ben Color Capture - (free) an app from Benjamin Moore that lets you snap a picture of any color inspiration and instantly match it to one of more than 3,000 hues from BM’s color system.

apps37. iHandy Carpenter - ($1.99) contains five tools: plumb bob, surface level, bubble level bar, steel protractor, and steel ruler for your very own electronic toolbox!

8. HouseKeeper - ($1.99) reminds you when to take care of the most forgotten and essential items around the house such as: changing filters, cleaning dryer vent or chimney flute, changing batteries for smoke detectors, etc.

Which iTouch or iPhone apps do you have that would be helpful around the home?  While we’re at it, which games do you play if any? (Personally I’m addicted to Skee Ball and Unblock Me)

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