Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Escaping It

I debated whether doing all the back-breaking work of installing my own insulation was worth it.  How much can some insulation really help?  I’m here to tell you that it is amazing what a few hours of work and some rolls of insulation can do!

If your home is losing heat, the snow will melt from your roof quicker than those of your neighbors. Take a look – do you see snow on your roof?  Great!  Do you see nothing or huge bare spots?  Perhaps you should climb into your attic to add a little insulation. Now is  a perfect time to buy a house if you are concerned with things like insulation since you can easily see which homes you will have to update!

My home (with a little melting due to the sun since I face South):


The back of my house:

IMG_2625  My neighbor directly behind my house (also facing South):


The neighbor to the left of my house (again, facing South):

IMG_2628 Do you see a difference?  All pictures were taken on the same chilly day.  Do you have snow on your roof or are you also a victim of poor insulation like my neighbors? 

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