Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now Serving

My Grandmother gave me some extra money for Christmas that was burning a hole in my pocket.  When I saw these gorgeous plates on clearance at Anthropologie I had to have them.  I bought them in both blue and black so I have service for eight. 

IMG_2565I decided to pull my china out of their protective covers (previously stored in the cabinet in the dining room) and put them on display since what is the point of having such beautiful dishes if no one sees them except on special occasions? I love the mix of the old china with my new plates.  I even like the mix of silver and gold rims.

IMG_2646 Another new addition to the shelves in the dining room is an old glass milk container that I found in my parents’ basement.  It has my hometown printed on it – I never even knew there was once a creamery in Bessemer!

IMG_2634 I added some fake greenery to add a splash of color to the top shelf.  I used an old trick of applying clear tape in a grid pattern across the top of the glass container.  This allows the greenery to stay where I want it to rather than fall into the container or flop to the side. It’s a great trick for arranging flowers!

How about you?  Is your china on display or tucked away for safe-keeping?  Do you like mixing fun new patterns with your classic china?  Do tell!


  1. It's tucked away :(

    Before baby I always had the dining room table set with my fine china and a lovely centerpiece. But now I'm lucky if the trains and race cars stay off of the table and on the floor.

  2. Ooh, nice find. Our "china" from Target is displayed. : )

  3. They look great!! I love to match china...I'm OCD like that.


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