Friday, January 8, 2010

Paper vs. Cloth

One of my home goals for 2010 (which I haven’t posted yet…don’t judge me) is to stop using paper napkins and make the switch to organic cloth napkins.  Yes, I realize this means more laundry but it also means cutting down less trees!  Less waste! Less $$$ in the long run!   I bought a bag of reusable white cotton napkins from Bed, Bath and Beyond that I washed, ironed (what, you don’t iron your napkins?!?), and placed in a dark basket in my kitchen where the napkins used to be.  While white may not seem the smartest choice, everyone knows my love of white linens doesn’t stop at bath towels. 

IMG_2567 IMG_2568I don’t only own white napkins.  I also have some great red ones for the holidays, blue ones for general use and some patterned ones for fun occasions. How about you – do you use cloth napkins?

My next step?  Replacing paper towel with organic kitchen tea towels. Check back on Monday for a GIVEAWAY from CSN stores relating to today’s post!

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