Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sprucing up the Basement: Part 2

My basement has three sections: laundry, storage and living.  The laundry section is pretty much complete (or will be once I paint the walls) – see here, here, here, here and here.  The next section that I’m tackling is the storage space.

I used to have a small folding table here that is mainly used as a place to put boxes so I didn’t have to kneel on the floor to rifle through them.  I decided to switch the small folding table with the larger desk I had in the living space since I no longer wanted it in the space and having a larger table with a bottom shelf would be great for the storage space.

Folding table: IMG_2581

Desk in its old location:IMG_1244Desk in its new location:IMG_2681 

I bought a canvas drop cloth from Home Depot that I used to make a skirt that wraps around the front and two sides of the desk.  There was just enough extra fabric to make a pleat in the front for added dimension and interest. 

IMG_2682 The cloth was tacked to the desk using upholstery tacks (also purchased from Home Depot for around $2).  The desk now looks attractive in the space and pulls double-duty by providing covered storage and a place to open boxes. Gotta love that!

The next phase in the storage area sprucing involves more hidden storage that I can’t wait to share!

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