Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sprucing up the Basement: Part 3

Continuing from Tuesday, I decided to update my covered shelving in the storage section of my basement this past weekend. Previously I bought sheets from the Salvation Army that I attached to the shelving with Velcro. There are so many problems with this solution - 1) it looked awful, 2) if I wanted to get something off the shelves I had to lift the entire sheet up and 3) there was no way to keep the sheet from falling back down onto my head when I was accessing the shelves.

IMG_2577 See? Ugly. The only purpose they did serve was to keep what was on the shelves hidden. I thought about cutting the sheets and putting grommets on each side so that I could just lift up the front of the sheets (did I mention that they wrapped around each shelving unit? No? Well, they did) and then tie the front/sides closed when not in use but that was too much work and would only solve one of the problems. I then thought about using blinds to hide the shelves but I didn’t want to spend more than $20 on this project so that idea was immediately vetoed. At this point I had pretty much given up until I made a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond this weekend.

They had a large clearance section in the front of the store and my eyes immediately went to the box of woven roll-up blinds. The size of each blind was 35” x 72”…exactly the size of my shelves. I took a deep breath and looked at the price tag - $9.99 (down from $34.99) PLUS 75% off the lowest sticker price. That’s right – I got $35 blinds for $2.50 each. $7.50 total for the three!!!!

IMG_2679 I quickly grabbed the three blinds and ran for the register before they changed their minds! Once I got home I read the instructions and decided that I could easily attach the blinds to the metal shelving since all I had to do was drill some new holes across the top of the shelving and use nuts/bolts to hold the blinds rather than the screws that came with them. So I measured, drilled and attached the first blind. I had to make some adjustments to the placement since while the blinds say they are 35” they were really a tad smaller.

The next two went up quickly once I figured out where to make the holes and in under an hour I had what felt like new shelving!

IMG_2685I love how easy they are to roll up and how they really tie in with the updated desk storage solution. So how about you – do you prefer open shelving or closed shelving like I do? I’m all for displaying things that are nice to look at but who wants to look at shelves full of sporting equipment (shelf 1), storage totes (shelf 2), or packing materials and file boxes (shelf 3)?


  1. Holy bargain shopping, Batman! Congratulations!

    I personally like my shelves covered.

  2. I raised you well! What a bargain and it looks great!

  3. Looks very nice, and the price was perfect!!

    I have to say that it depends on where the shelves are - we have open shelving in the storage room in our garage, it works great - but if it's in an area that you live/entertain in, I say cover it up :)


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