Monday, February 8, 2010

Basement Remodel: Part 1

As I mentioned on Friday, I’ve been wanting to do something…anything…with the basement for over four years now.  The basement as it was was a cold, dark place that I really didn’t use other than for storage and laundry.  It was over 500 sq. feet of unused (wasted!) space so I finally decided to change that.  I’ve had people come in before to give me quotes on dry walling the basement and they were so high that I just laughed and sent them on their way.  I’m all about doing things yourself but I do not have the skill set needed for hanging drywall so I decided to contact my cousin (a construction worker by trade) to see if he wanted to take on a side job.  Luckily for me (not so luckily for him) he had some free time since he’s currently laid off due to the terrible MI economy.  I had him come out and give me an estimate on the bathroom and basement.  The quote for both came in perfectly at my budget so he got started the very next day! 

The first step was cleaning out the space.  I decided that the laundry area and storage area would not be remodeled since it would be too much of a hassle.  All I really wanted to do was take the one huge space and divide it into two spaces – a living space and a storage space – by building a new wall.  The laundry nook would remain as-is since I didn’t want to box it in by building walls ,as it would make the small space feel even smaller.

Basement layout before: (not to scale) basementlayout_before

Basement layout after (new walls are in gray):


I moved all the small items into the soon-to-be storage space (in bottom right in pic above).  The larger items (storage cabinets, bike, couch) were pushed to the middle of the room.  The next step was to go around the basement and make sure any surface cracks were filled with a hydraulic cement to prevent any water from coming into the space in the future.  I don’t have any water issues now but I wanted to take extra precautions against water coming in through my walls like it has to my friends who live in the area.

Day one consisted of covering all of the wall surfaces with thick Owens Corning foam insulation. When I left the house it looked like this:


When I came home it looked like this (sorry for the dark pictures but these were taken after I get home from work):

IMG_2700 IMG_2701IMG_2703 He even went around the pillars in the basement along each wall.  The insulation will (and already has!) do wonders for keeping the basement warmer.  I turn off the heat to the basement since if I warm this space it more than doubles my heating costs each year.  The insulation provides a nice thick layer to keep the cool air from coming through the cinder blocks.

Step one was a success!  The next step in remodeling my basement involved installing metal framework to hang the dry wall on. Stay tuned for part two!

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  1. We have thought of remodeling our basement but are turned away because of the main drain backing up. It's due to tree roots. Do you have many problems with drain back up? Does it concern you with doing this project?


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