Monday, February 15, 2010

Basement Remodel: Reveal

I’ve been sick since Thursday night so I’m finally getting around to taking some pictures of the basement!  You’ve seen the floor plan, insulation get hung, metal framing go up, drywall get hung/taped and mudded and the paint colors.  Finally you get to see the finished spaces!
Again, the before shots:
IMG_1248 IMG_1244
And the after shots:
IMG_2822 This is the space as you walk down the stairs.  I was initially afraid that the new wall would be too obtrusive in the space but it really isn’t.  To the right is the storage space and straight ahead is the main living space.   When building the walls I wanted to take into account the possibility of the pipes backing up into the house again since it has done so in the past.  I haven’t had issues in two years since I use Rid-X once a month now and that seems to have fixed the problem.  If water was to back up into the house it would come out of the drain you see on the bottom left corner of the picture above. There is still ample space between the drain and the new wall so I’m not worried about my wall getting destroyed by any future water.  Also, the drywall does not touch the floor – it is about 1” from the carpet so that if water was to enter the space, the drywall would remain untouched -  I may just have to replace trim, which is easier and cheaper.
The storage space and new wall:
I decided to buy a linen curtain with grommets from TJMaxx ($14) to act as a door to the storage space.  Sami’s litter boxes are in there so I didn’t want a real door and I love the softness that the curtain brings to the space.  Below you’ll see the curtain closed (well, it was before Sami decided to go through it right before I took the shot).
IMG_2824 Here are some shots of the storage space.
IMG_2825 When you first enter the space the storage shelves that I covered with roll-up shades are straight ahead and the table I made a skirt for is along the right wall.  If you turn around you’ll see the wall of sporting equipment.
IMG_2827If you had looked to the left you’d see the furnace, water heater and the new wall that my cousin built to divide the space.
The storage space isn’t that exciting so let’s get back to the main living space since I’m sure that’s what you’re here for.  As you enter the space straight ahead is the new enclave for the sump pump.  For parties or gatherings I can hide the dehumidifier behind the door.  I actually prefer it out in the space so I know it is working.
IMG_2854 For now I put my old side table in this corner but I’m hoping to find a taller piece to put here – hopefully one with storage.  On to the tour of the main living space!
I put the revamped table directly behind the couch to use for crafts or whatever else I feel like doing on it.  A beautiful lamp from HomeGoods and a mirrored box adorn the table.  The lamp has green, black and yellow colors – this is the piece I chose to design the room around.  There is also a spot light directly above the table (sorry, no pic) that I can turn on when doing crafts so that I have plenty of light to work by.
IMG_2847My old coffee table is currently in the space – I’m deciding whether to paint/stain it in the spring or buy a metal and glass table from an antique store.  My old TV stand made it back into the space and I brought some accents from other rooms in the house to use down here. I’d also like to put another rug on top of the carpet to really define the sitting space but I’m waiting to find one at a great price.
IMG_2851 The white pillows were on clearance at Target for $3 (rather than $17) each and the green pillow was on clearance at Home Goods for $16 (down from $30).  I bought a slipcover from Bed, Bath and Beyond for around $40 with a 20% off coupon to hide the ugly (but comfy) green couch. You may have noticed my memo board resting against the wall.  I’m trying to decide where to hang it so for now it is just resting in the space.  I made it out of extra canvas and wood I had lying around the house (details to come later).
IMG_2841On one side of the couch is a small wood and leather bench I found on clearance at Target ($15 vs. $65) that serves as a side table or can be pulled out for extra seating.  I made the pillow covering for the pillow form that is currently sitting on the bench.
Ignore the extension cord – it will be tucked under the baseboard trim later today.  My mountain bike sits in the corner of the room where it is out of the way but still easily accessible for my nightly rides.  I actually enjoy riding the bike in the basement now! I moved the two storage cabinets (one stores crafts and the other games) along the newly-built wall and brought my old lamp from the living room down here for a little extra lighting.  The gorgeous white chair (an antique store find) was made-over by me (details to come later).
IMG_2795  I brought the chandelier from my bedroom downstairs and hung it over the bare light bulb in the center of the space for a touch of glam.
IMG_2842Finally, the space as you go back upstairs:
IMG_2855 I’m undecided as to what to do with the ceiling so for now it remains untouched.  If I install a drop ceiling it will have to go beneath the lowest duct, making headroom roughly 5’5” – too short in my opinion. 
So there you have it – my newly-remodeled basement!  As I mentioned, this is still a work-in-progress as I want a few other items in the space but I’m loving it right now.  Sami enjoys the space as well (check her out on her scratching box in the last picture!) and often times I find her curled up on the couch while I’m working away at something down here.  The final step will be to paint the laundry area but that can wait until spring.


  1. Wow! Your basement looks so large! Great job!

  2. Basement looks fantastic and Sammi in the litter tray looks funny. Janis from Scotland

  3. oops just realised Sammi isn't in the litter tray but sitting in a box. That's what I get for looking at the pictures without glasses on. Janis from Scotland

  4. Very Nice. cracked up over the photos and your Dad laughed over how organized you are.

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