Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Completed(!) Bathroom

Yesterday I discussed why I chose the larger floor tile, what was beneath my old tile and gave you a preview of the new floor.  Today I’ll finish with the trim, new toilet and the grouted floor.

My bathroom previously had the same beige tiles that were both in the shower and on the floor around the bottom of two walls.

IMG_2705IMG_2709 The third wall had the plastic trim that you can purchase at home improvement stores (often used in showers).

IMG_2708 I decided that since I was having the floor tiles removed I might as well remove the trim tiles as well and replace them with white trim that matches the rest of the house.

Before trim:

IMG_2738 After trim:


I love how trim really finishes off a room. I decided not to install quarter round in the bathroom like I have in the rest of the house since I wanted the trim to match up with the thickness of the tile around the shower. 

IMG_2750 Just for fun, here’s a close up of the slate-ish tile and the hemp colored grout:

IMG_2740 I love that the colors match the shower curtain that I bought earlier this year.  (Please ignore the wrinkly shower curtain – I had to quickly wash and hang it for pictures!)

IMG_2744 What’s that you see?  A new Kohler toilet! I had a white sink, white vanity, white tub and beige toilet. Now the toilet matches the rest of the room rather than standing out like the ugly stepsister.  It really is the small things that make me happy.  Plus this baby is water efficient, unlike my old model.

As I previously mentioned, we left the original threshold.  It’s not a perfect match with the new tile but it looked better than the white marble threshold I found at Lowes or wood thresholds (not to mention that the wood was too small).  I saved a little cash by keeping the original and that never hurts!  It really is a pretty close match and I love that the bathroom floor is now even with the threshold rather than the hardwood floor.  I used to stub my toe leaving the bathroom all the time and I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

IMG_2745 Here’s the completed space:




I love the look of the floor without the mat but I live in Michigan and tile floors get COLD in the winter so it stays for now.  I am so in love with my updated bathroom – I seriously stop and gaze at it every time I walk past the door. 

Has anyone else revamped their bathroom lately?  If I was able to DIY I would have saved $300 but honestly the cash was worth it to not have to demo the old floor myself. The budget for the bathroom was $500 and I went over by $10 for the extra sheet of plywood.  Not bad!


  1. It's beautiful! Way to stick to your budget.

  2. I loves it! Great choices, lovely bathroom :)

  3. Going for a beige ceramic tile floor was a good idea. It gave your bathroom a whole new look. I like it much better that way than your old white tile. From a utilitarian point of view, it’s good because you don’t have to worry too much about cleaning the floor, and it doesn’t stain easily. I’m pretty sure your visitors will notice the big change. Good job!


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