Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding Space

One of the biggest issues I have in my house is the lack of closet and storage space.  I’ve shown you my storage shelves and extra closet in the basement as one work around.  Another place to create custom storage is inside your doors or cabinets. One of the most commonly overlooked storage space is the kitchen cabinet doors!

I’ve had cork panels hanging in my kitchen cabinets for years and I still use them to this day.  They are great for holding recipes or quick reference cards.

IMG_2462 Underneath the sink I have small white wire holders on both doors that hold common kitchen cleaners.

IMG_2464 On one of the other base cabinet doors in the kitchen I hung another wire hanger that holds measuring and cutting utensils.

IMG_2465 In the bathroom I have, wait for it, a wire hanging basket that holds my hair gel, hairspray and lotion. On the other door I hung a command hook to hang my hairbrush.

IMG_2466 You can find more of my door storage suggestions here and here and here. How about you – do you utilize every surface in your home for storage like I try to?

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