Monday, February 22, 2010

Hold Me Back

Not too long ago I walked into the office and noticed something was wrong with my floor length curtains. 

IMG_1692There seemed to be small holes on the left-hand side of the curtain hanging on the right–hand side of the window.

IMG_2528I wasn’t sure how those small holes got there.  It was a work-at-home day so I sat down and started working.  About an hour later I noticed Sami attacking the pull cord for the blinds and that’s when I figured it out.  Sami’s nails were getting caught in the curtain when she plays with the pull cord.

I went to Target to check out their selection of drapery holdbacks.  As luck would have it they had a lot of their drapery rods and holdbacks on clearance.  I found a package of beautiful Target Home holdbacks lying behind some curtains and a quick trip to the scan it yourself scanner told me that they were marked down to $4.98 from $14.99.  Sold! 

The installation was quite easy.

  1. Mark the location
  2. Drill 3/16 pilot holes
  3. Install anchors
  4. Fasten holdback to wall
  5. Push curtain behind holdback

IMG_2862 IMG_2863

Even Sami likes them…mostly because she now has unobstructed access to her favorite cords. IMG_2865 What an easy and simple solution for $5. I love the look of curtains that just hang without using holdbacks but sometimes you have to mix things up a bit.


  1. I have the same holdbacks! They really dress up the windows nice.

  2. Oh the things we do for our animals! Lol

    It looks fabulouso by the way!

  3. You might want to modify the cords so Sami can't get her neck caught in the pull cords. Maybe you can seperate each one so there isn't a loop at the end. Gotta pet proof they're just like kids always into something.Kathleen

  4. Actually the pull cords are three separate cords so there isn't a loop for Sami to get caught on.

    Thanks for the concern!

  5. Aww. At least your couch wasn't attacked! Plus, now you have a pair of beautiful holdbacks :).


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