Monday, March 8, 2010

Double the Fun

Last week I showed you the new side table I bought for the basement with the intention of keeping it in the corner as a make-shift bar/storage piece.  What I didn’t mention is that when I went to Council Thrift they had TWO of these side tables!  I truly thought I only wanted one and I didn’t have room for a second in my tiny car but I thought about it more that night and decided I had to have it! I went back on Tuesday morning as soon as the store opened (luckily I had the day off) to buy the second one.  My new plan was to move the current bookshelf/TV stand to this corner and then move the two side tables into the living space to act as a new TV stand. 

IMG_2952 IMG_2961 IMG_2960 The old bookcase was moved to the corner by the sump pump and turned into a bar.

IMG_2958 IMG_2949 This new layout is exactly what I wanted!  I love the new bar area (I moved all of my bar items from upstairs down here) and the extra storage the new side tables provides is amazing.  I still have to line the drawers, refinish the tables and add new drawer pulls but I’m saving that project for warmer weather.  The best part was the cost for the two storage pieces - $40 for two!

I’m not one to complain but if you plan on going into Council Thrift make sure you have a second set of hands.  The people there didn’t offer to help me carry these heavy pieces to my car nor did they offer to hold open the door until they saw me struggling with the piece and the door.  They get an ‘A’ for price and goods but a ‘D’ for customer service.


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