Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Faux Splash

When I bought my house I wanted a themed kitchen so I went with the wine theme (partly because I hold a special place for wine in my heart).  As I’ve gotten more into design, I’ve started to move away from a themed room so this weekend I decided to take the first step.  

The old owners hung some kind of board on the wall of cabinets to act as a faux backsplash.  When I repainted the room I painted the  faux splash white and the room a nice beige.

IMG_1668 Since I don’t have the money to put in a new backsplash right now I decided that I wanted to dress up the faux splash with some pictures.  I took these:

IMG_3087 IMG_3088 And turned them into this:

IMG_3095 The frames were from the Salvation Army.  I painted them a glossy white and then dry brushed a light gray craft paint on them to highlight the raised detail. 

IMG_3089The images are actually scrapbook paper that I found in my collection.  What I like about this is that I can change out the picture for the season if I wanted but it adds a nice touch to the bare white faux splash.  My Salvation Army only had two of these frames that I could find but after staring at these for a while I decided that I needed a third to balance out the other side of the window.  I measured the frames and then went to HomeGoods and TJMaxx to try to find something similar since they have tons of fancy frames like these.  As luck would have it I found something I deemed suitable in TJ’s clearance section for only $3.

IMG_3115 Since they aren’t directly next to each other it isn’t totally obvious that two frames are identical and the third is different.

IMG_3121 I love the yummy paper – especially the cupcakes (my favorite treat):

IMG_3118 IMG_3092IMG_3094 Step one of removing the wine themed items was a success I think. I added a little interest and dimension to the faux splash with paper and some white frames – a super easy project!  (oh and did you see the gorgeous white canisters?  Those were a find at TJ Maxx as well.  One holds my packets of hot chocolate and the other fruit snacks since I’m tired of looking for both in my cabinets.)

IMG_3130Do you have a themed room that you are phasing out?  I blame the years of watching Trading Spaces on my previous love of a themed room! Any small changes you’ve made to a room that has totally transformed the room for you?

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