Monday, March 22, 2010

Full Steam Ahead!

As you know, I was recently gifted with the Shark Steam Pocket Mop.  LOVE IT.  I first fell in lust with this mop a couple of years go after watching an infomercial (what?  You know you get sucked into them too!) but I just couldn’t see spending the money on it.  Enter Christmas when I went home to visit my parents and my mom pulled out her Shark Steam Mop for me to try.  I giddily cleaned the hardwood and linoleum floors and at that very moment, I was sold.  I had to have one.


Shark promotes this as a chemical-free way to clean your sealed hard-surface flooring.  Basically you just fill the reservoir with water, plug in the mop, wait 30 seconds for it to heat up and then pump the handle to make steam.  No chemicals or industrial cleaners needed!  The Steam Mop will actually remove the cleaner residue left over from other mopping methods as well as lift ground-in dirt, sticky messes and layers of grime.

I tested the mop on my kitchen linoleum first.   I have this gross spot at the entrance of the kitchen that won’t come out using chemical cleaners.  I’ve scrubbed this spot and nothing has worked on it.

IMG_3051 I used the Shark Steam Mop on it for a few seconds and voila – the spot was gone!

IMG_3052 *Please disregard the terrible cracks in my flooring.  Now you know why I want a new floor!*

I then tried it on my hardwood floor and it left the floor clean, dry and shiny after mere minutes.  They say that the proof is in the pad and they are right – the pad was disgusting after I cleaned two small rooms. Sorry, no pictures as I forgot to take a picture and the mop pad is now in the washer.  That’s right – you just toss the mop pads into the washer so there is no need to buy more. 

This truly is the easiest mop I’ve ever used.  The natural motion of mopping produces steam. When one side of the micro-fiber pocket gets dirty, you just flip the mop head over and use the other side to continue cleaning.  My model (S3501) came with:

  • 1 Steam Duster Pad
  • 2 Rectangular Pads
  • 2 Triangle Pads
  • 2 Quick Release Mop Heads (Rectangle for most cleaning and a Triangle head for cleaning bathrooms and tight corners)
  • 30 Foot Cord
  • XL Water Tank
  • Swivel Steering
  • Carpet Glider (While the Steam Mop won’t clean the carpet, it will deodorize and freshen the carpet – a huge plus if you have pets)

I don’t have a lot of messes in my house but reviews I’ve read have mentioned great cleaning in regards to:

  • Removing hairspray buildup on bathroom floors
  • Removing grease spots on kitchen floors
  • Removing scuff marks

Some reviews also mentioned that it leaves hardwood floors looking cloudy but I haven’t experienced that – in fact, my hardwoods shine so perhaps their floors weren’t sealed or they are using hard water.  Once I use this for a while I’ll come back and report more but after a quick test I’ve found that this definitely beats the old mop and bucket method (or the Swiffer Wet Jet!).


  1. My ceramic tiles in my kitchen are considerable higher than the grout, so normal mops don't work on it, I have to scrub on my hands and knees. Not fun. Do you think this would hit the grout? I'd say the tiles are about 1/8th to mayb 1/4 inch higher than the grout.

  2. Does it say anything about using it on laminate flooring? I assume it would be fine, but...

    I'm with you - I prefer a regular old mop to the Wet Jet (which I always feel leaves the floor sticky), but this looks 8 million times better :)

  3. I have a Haan steamer and LOVE it. I would never go back to regular mops or swiffers.


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