Monday, March 1, 2010

Hey, Hey It’s Your Birthday

Today marks the first day of my birthday month.  Who celebrates for only one day anymore?  I celebrate for the entire month!  It started off with receiving a box in the mail (from Amazon) that had this in it:

IMG_2896 What is it?  Torture, that’s what.  I promised my parents I wouldn’t open it until my actual birthday (3/18) so it sits in the corner of the living room taunting me.  I also received a nice gift from Anthropologie in the mail:

IMG_2895 What is it?  A candle necklace with a card that gives me 15% off any March purchase at Anthro, otherwise known as pure happiness. Sami wanted to model the necklace for y’all:

IMG_2900 I’m also signed up to receive birthday coupons at various restaurants: Qdoba Mexican Grill, Cold Stone Creamery (free ice cream!) and Noodles & Co (free meal!). I love birthday month since I receive lots of free goodies simply for signing up for e-mail newsletters.  You can do a quick search online for more freebies.  Happy Birthday to me (and any other March babies!).


  1. I got that card from Anthro as well. LOVE it. :)
    And of course a ton of coupons since I do belong to every reward club known to man.

    Happy birthday shopping, March birthday buddy.

  2. I can't wait to see what Anthro has for me this year! Happy early birthday to you March birthday buddy!


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