Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How To: Line a Tray

Remember the cool tray I recently bought at the Salvation Army for a mere $7 bucks? I loved the oval shape, the claw feet, the silver edges and handles; but I didn’t love the wood bottom.  I thought of a few ways to make over this tray but decided to go a route that would allow me to change the look whenever I wanted.

First I cleaned the silver parts.  They had tarnished pretty badly from years of not being cleaned so I spent roughly 30 minutes cleaning every nook and cranny of the silver.  Armed with the bottle of Weiman Instant Tarnish Remover I bought from ACE Hardware, goggles, a soft rag, a toothbrush and rubber gloves I set out to clean the sucker.  I didn’t dip the tray, but decided to put some of the cleaner onto the soft rag and then rub that across the silver on the tray.  The harder parts and feet were scrubbed with the toothbrush that was soaked in the cleaner.  I’m sure there are easier ways to clean it but I read that using the dips can cause damage to the silver and I wanted to ensure my new purchase remained unharmed.

Before: IMG_2886

After: IMG_2919 IMG_2921

I decided to use wrapping paper that I would cover in clear contact paper to line the bottom of the tray.  This would allow me to dress up the tray in a non-permanent manner. You could use Mod Podge to adhere paper/fabric/whatever directly to the tray or even use double-sided tape to stick paper to the tray but I wanted to be able to switch out the liner as well as make it wipeable.

The first step was to trace the shape of the tray onto my paper.

IMG_2922 After I cut out the traced shape, I applied clear contact paper to the backside of the paper since I wanted to protect both sides of the paper from possible spills since this is used, after all, on a tray.

IMG_2924 I then applied contact paper to the front side of the paper.

IMG_2926 Next, press the contact paper firmly around all edges of the paper.  Use sharp scissors to cut around the shape of the paper and remove the excess contact paper.  You now have a wipeable liner that you can easily slip inside your tray.

IMG_2927 IMG_2928 I love how the liner is now a little fancier!  Does this paper remind you of anything?  I used the coordinating paper to line my shelves in the dining room last year.  Now that the liquor has been moved to the basement, I was able to put out a few more of my favorite serving pieces and add back the third shelf.

IMG_2967 It also reminds me of the curtain I used to cover my new chair in the basement earlier this year.


The tray now lives on the new bar in the basement (I’m not a big drinker, really.  I just like to have flavored liquors on hand in case I do fancy a drink or have company!).

IMG_2933 IMG_2930 There you have it – a quick way to transform a so-so tray into an amazing tray!  I think this may now be one of my favorite thrift finds!


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