Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How To: Make a Chair Cover from an Ironing Board Cover

You read the title right – I’m going to show you how I made a chair cover from an ironing board cover! During a recent trip to HomeGoods (where I scored some great items on clearance), I bought a yellow and grey damask padded ironing board cover for $5 (half price!).
IMG_2989 IMG_2991 See the trim around the edge of the bag?  Isn’t it beautiful?  I didn’t want to use this as an actual ironing board cover since I already bought another one from HomeGoods that I love.  I decided that this would look perfect in my living space in the basement instead.  My first thought was to wrap my existing chair with it so that’s what I did.
Originally I put one of my dining room chair pads on the chair and I even made a simple pillow to go on the chair.  This was cute but I wanted something to tie into the space a little better (and I wanted my chair cushion back for the dining room!). 
I tried wrapping the padded cover around the seat of the chair a couple of times until I discovered a way that I could do it without having to cut the cover at all. All you need to do this is a cover, some thread and a needle (or safety pins).
I flipped the chair over so that I was looking down at the underside of the chair seat.  I placed the ironing cover with the narrow end underneath the seat. IMG_2972 I then pulled the rest of the cover over the right side of the seat, around the underside of the seat (going over the narrow portion shown above) and snugly fit the wide end over the back of the seat.
underneath the seatIMG_2974 back of the seat
I ended up with a tightly covered seat with openings along both sides of the seat.
IMG_2976 Using a threaded needle I simply whip stitched the opening closed, making sure to pull the top of the cover down taut as I went.
IMG_2977 IMG_2978 The natural curvature of the cover made the front edges nicely rounded without any effort on my part.  I then made a small pillow out of the old pillow form and a white placemat I had lying around (just open one edge of the placemat, stuff your pillow form inside it and sew shut).
IMG_2982 IMG_2981 This project took about ten minutes to figure out how to wrap the cover properly and then sew the sides shut. I’m sure there are better ways of doing this but I wanted an easy, quick project that other people with minimal sewing skills could duplicate. 
IMG_2988 It really ties into the space better than I could have imagined and I love how it dresses up my plain black metal folding chair.  The best part (besides that I did this myself) is that it is padded!

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