Monday, March 15, 2010

In a Round about Way

I was trying to come up with an inexpensive and fun way to decorate one of the walls in the main living space in the basement.  I immediately thought of doing a wall collage of sorts with various frames and prints.  I looked online for some inspiration:
Credit: Domino
Credit: Young House Love
My bathroom
While I love this look (I’ve had the above collage in the bathroom for a few years and I did something similar in my first apartment with 20 frames) I thought rectangular frames would be too harsh since the basement already has such sharp angles.
I decided to soften things a bit with some curves.  I scoured thrift stores for some round frames/objects that I could use.  I turned this…
IMG_2993 …into this:
IMG_3023IMG_3014 IMG_3020 I painted everything a semi-gloss pure white to make them more cohesive.  I find that painting all frames/objects one color really unifies them versus having various colors. I replaced an old picture of a swan with a piece of glass to make a mirror:
IMG_3009 I replaced old pictures with colorful pieces of scrapbooking paper. Originally I was going to replace the glass and pictures with mirrors to bounce some light around the room but I changed my mind to use the paper to add pops of my accent color of green to the room.
IMG_3007 IMG_3006 I found two wooden circle wall hangings with flowers that tied into the rest of the room decor once painted white:
IMG_3005 IMG_3008 And while I normally don’t like big clocks, when I found this clock on clearance at HomeGoods for only $8.00 I decided that I had to have it for the space (mainly since there aren’t any other clocks downstairs and I loved the detail on this one).
IMG_3010 IMG_3012 I didn’t want to put nail holes on my beautiful new walls so I used Command Picture Hangers/hooks for everything (exactly the same process I used for hanging mirrors in the guest bedroom last year). While I was at it I decided to hang a round charger above the bar to tie that space into the rest of the wall decor.
IMG_3016 The mirror bounces light around the room from the light and the window to the right of it.  I love the scalloped edges of the charger (a Christmas clearance item from Target) and it was the fraction of the cost of an actual round mirror.
I think decorating the basement is finally done (still left to do it paint the laundry room, revamp the side tables/bar and at a much later date do something about the ceiling)!  Although, I’m constantly changing things up around here so who knows what I’ll decide to change later!


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