Friday, March 12, 2010

Out with the Old: Week 2

This week I finished cleaning out the office and also looked through the hall closet and my bedroom for items I could get rid of.  I found old nail polish and travel size toiletries in the hall closet that are old and unneeded that I could easily part with.  The pile of shirts are the many extra oversize t-shirts I don’t need from my years on a volleyball team and all of the Race for the Cures that I’ve done over the years.  I found that I only need a handful of workout shirts and a couple of painting shirts so I happily put the rest in a bag to donate.
Numbers 18 and 19 are a box full of old earrings and necklaces that I don’t wear (I counted the necklaces as #18 and the earrings as #19).  I sent them to a friend who is sending unused jewelry to the village in Africa she lived at while in the Peace Corps for all of the women there to enjoy.
IMG_3030 Week 2 items: 11-20
  1. HTML hints/tricks – Don’t Need
  2. Dry erase board erasers – Don’t Need
  3. Old cameras – Don’t Need/Use
  4. Shirts – Don’t Need
  5. Travel items – Don’t Use
  6. Nail polish – Don’t Use
  7. Scarves – Don’t Love
  8. Necklaces – Don’t Love
  9. Earrings – Don’t Love
  10. Duplicate maps – Don’t Need
How’d you do in week two? I’m finding that I’m actually getting rid of more than 50 things since I’ve been grouping similar items (two cameras, three bottles of nail polish, three scarves, twenty t-shirts, etc).  I think it makes sense to group similar items rather than count each individual one but that’s just my take on the challenge.

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  1. Good work, H. I'm excited to send the jewelry on to my ladies. :)


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