Friday, March 19, 2010

Out with the Old: Week 3

This week was a little tricker than past weeks only because I didn’t have time to really look for things.  I hit up the hall closet for some old shoes that I no longer love/want so that helped – the rest are pretty random.  The old flipflops turn my feet black so they’ve been tossed, the cute flats give me blisters so they are in the Donation bag, the wedges hurt my ankles and the boots aren’t my style anymore so they have also been placed in the Donation bag. 
I’m not sure what the light bulbs were intended for since none of my light fixtures use these floodlights and they’ve been taking space in my basement for four years now.  The 3D glasses were accidentally brought home when we went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D recently (oops!)…I blame it on the raging headache I had after the movie.  I tried to learn how to knit a couple of years ago but it never took for me so I still have my old yard and needles but I’m ready to part with them!  Sadly the blanket has a hole in it and it gives off a ton of red fuzzies everywhere so I’m ready to get it out of my house.  Whew!  That’s a lot of random things!
IMG_3048 Week 3 items: 21-30
  1. Flipflops – Don’t Love
  2. Flat shoes – Don’t Love
  3. Wedges – Don’t Love
  4. Boots – Don’t Love
  5. Light bulbs – Don’t Need
  6. Blanket – Don’t Use
  7. 3D glasses – Don’t Need
  8. Nightlight – Don’t Use
  9. Yarn and needles – Don’t Use
  10. Monet book – Don’t Need
If anyone wants to see my past items, you can find them here: 
How are your weekly exfoliations going?

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