Monday, March 29, 2010

Out with the Old: Week 4

Sorry I’m late with last week’s exfoliations but I’ve been dealing with some family health scares.  Since I wasn’t in the right frame of mind all week, it took some thought into finding the items to get rid of.  In fact, it took a lot of thought to do much of anything last week. 
IMG_3107 Week 4 items: 31-40
  1. Shirts – Don’t Love
  2. Utensil holder – Don’t Love
  3. Socks – Don’t Need
  4. Bubbles – Don’t Need
  5. Cat bubbles – Don’t Use (Sami hates them)
  6. Planter – Don’t Use
  7. Trivet – Don’t Need
  8. Wristlet – Don’t Use
  9. Small purse – Don’t Use
  10. Magazines – Don’t Need (tore out the pages I wanted and put them in my inspiration folders)
The final 10 items will be posted later this week! It feels great to get rid of so much *stuff.*
If anyone wants to see my past items, you can find them here: 


  1. Good job culling!
    I'm behind :( I have been getting rid of stuff left and right, but it seems like everything fits into the same 4 categories...

  2. hmmm....i'd have to say Aria LUVS purses right now...any chance you could send one of those wristlets in the mail?? Marissa

  3. Absolutely! It will be sometime next week after I get back from vacation, though. Hope she likes them!


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