Friday, March 5, 2010

Out with the Old

I was recently reading a new-to-me blog, MakeUnderMyLife, by Jess of JessLC. She was inspired by a book titled Throw Out 50 Things by Gail Blanke that aimed at helping people open up their lives by getting rid of 50 things they no longer need, use, or want.  I’ve decided to take the challenge to get rid of 50 things in the month of March (you know, to make room for my birthday goodies and my thrift store finds).  I think I can do it – in fact, I probably have 50 things in my home office I can get rid of!  Rather than just tossing everything they will be either donated, recycled or tossed depending on what I find.  I will post an update each week so you can see what I’m getting rid of and to hold me accountable.  For more information, check out this short summary of the challenge. 

IMG_2962  Week 1 items:  1-10

  1. Phone books – Don’t Need
  2. Decorating books – Don’t Love
  3. Software for old MP3 player – Don’t Use
  4. User manual for old phone – Don’t Use
  5. Filled in Sudoku book – Don’t Need
  6. Old mints – Don’t Need
  7. Non-sticky Post its – Don’t Use
  8. Instruction manual – Don’t Need
  9. Pom Poms – Don’t Use
  10. Canvas bag – Don’t Use

Anyone else want to join me?  This is a great way to start your spring cleaning!


  1. I'll join in!
    And, if you want to save those dec books for me I'd love to read them before passing them on to someone else... I'm going to be in town next weekend, and was thinking of maybe planning a get together too.

  2. They are yours! I'd love to get together when you're in town - set something up!


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