Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thrifty Spender

I love thrift shopping.  Sadly all I have around me are Salvation Army’s – I tend to prefer Goodwill but I’ll take what I can get.  I’m a believer in you have to go back and go back often to find good things at the thrift stores, something I’ve always done in secret.  I make good money so why thrift?  I like the thrill of finding something unique for a fraction of the cost that you’d spend at big name stores.  I also love finding old items and making them beautiful if needed or else just cleaning them up a bit and giving them a second chance.  Let’s face it – you can find some crap at thrift stores but you can also find some hidden gems. 

This weekend I went on a hunt to find a table or dresser for the basement for a little extra storage (yes, even after all of the storage I’ve added down there, I still want more!). There are two Salvation Army’s near me so I hit those up in addition to one about twenty minutes away (that trip also included a trip to HomeGoods to make up for the distance!).  Lately I haven’t had any luck at thrift stores but this weekend I hit the thrift store jackpot!
IMG_2875 I walked out with a cool tray, two round storage baskets ($1 each), two circle pictures that will be revamped, a glass dome, a sugar/creamer set, a white glass vase and some white glass bowls (candy jars? not sure what these technically are) for $33. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?
IMG_2879 I don’t drink coffee but I fell in love with this stainless steel creamer/sugar set.  You can keep the set together or split them up (flowers would look darling in the creamer; office supplies could be kept in the sugar bowl; the tray could corral jewelry on your night stand).  Multi-purpose for the low cost of $6. All this set needed was a little cleaning with some water/soap and then a final wipe with some stainless steel cleaning rags.
IMG_2876These pictures will likely go in the basement once they are revamped.  The old pics, while charming they are not my style ,but I fell in love with the circle frames and the cost (2 for $5). I’m planning on painting the frames white and adding something special under the glass to be shown later.  Yep, a fun DIY project is in the works!
IMG_2883 This is my favorite purchase.  I LOVE the milk glass compote that was found with candy dishes.  I simply fell in love with the shape, texture and color of course.  The best part was the price - $3.00!
IMG_2884 Another milk glass compote that I just fell in love with.  This one was $4.00!
IMG_2885I loved the simple white milk glass vase ($2.00) so I quickly added it to my white dish collection!  I can’t wait to fill this with some fun tulips (my favorite!).
IMG_2886 I loved the shape of this tray ($7) and the silver edges, handles and feet, but I’m not in love with the wood inside of it.  I have another fun DIY project in mind that will take this from interesting to amazing.
IMG_2891 What could I want a glass dome for? Well, if you take this dome and this gorgeous plate:
IMG_2890You get this:
IMG_2888I have just always wanted a unique serving piece like this and was able to make my own with a dome from Salvation Army ($4) and a plate from HomeGoods ($2) for a total of $6.00.  
I’ve been playing with the white dishes on the shelves in the dining room to see what I like.  One thing is for sure – I need to paint the back of the shelves to really make my white pieces pop!
IMG_2892 See the cool patterned metal wall hanging on the bottom shelf (that currently blends in – I’m thinking of painting it a soft blue or gray) – it was a great $3 purchase from HomeGoods yesterday!  Not only did I score some great deals at SA but I also found some great clearance items from HomeGoods! 
What is your take on thrifting?  Any secret deal hunters out there?  I finally admitted to J that I love to go to the SA but he doesn’t seem to be on board with my secret pleasure.


  1. I love thrift stores.
    Always have :)

  2. Wow, what great finds! I love that tray, too!

  3. Great finds! The $7 tray was definitely a bargain! :)


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