Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a Find!

When decorating the basement I temporarily used an old side table in one nook to hold my wine (wine is better kept in the basement since it is cooler and the temperature doesn’t fluctuate as much as your main living space). I really wanted something larger (with drawers) to put in this space but I hadn’t found anything by the time I took the basement pictures.


The main reason I wanted something with drawers is because I wanted to move the rest of my craft supplies from the storage room (see the white drawers between the litter box and fan?) into the main living space so that everything was in one place. 


Last weekend I went on a dresser hunt at various thrift stores.  I hit up three Salvation Army’s with no luck (well, no furniture luck – did you see my thrifty finds?!?) since everything was too big, too small or didn’t have drawers.  Resigned, I went home and scoured Craigslist one more time but came up empty.  I wanted to spend less than $50 on a nice, solid wood piece of furniture.  It didn’t have to be perfect since I knew I’d refinish it anyway.

Since I was sitting in front of the computer, I performed a Google search for thrift stores around me and got one hit that I completely forgot about – the Council Thrift in downtown Berkley. I’ve driven past this store millions of times but have never gone in since it seemed from the outside to only have clothing but after reading reviews I decided to check it out.  On Monday afternoon (ten minutes before closing) I drove to the store and as soon as I walked in I fell in love. 

IMG_2905 This side table had four drawers, character and was solid wood. I held my breath as I looked at the price tag and then practically jumped for joy when I saw this:

IMG_2910 Sure it had some damage to the top and it was missing a drawer pull but the price was right and I planned on remaking it into something beautiful anyway.  I don’t love the color but I love the detail on this baby.

IMG_2907 I placed my new thrift find tray on top with some liquor bottles to see how it looked in the space.

IMG_2904Hmmm…it was an improvement but I had another idea.  Stay tuned!


  1. No way! I went in there and was very unimpressed! All I could ever find was clothing. Great find!

  2. I am currently looking for 3 dressers - and all I come up with is particle board junk that the GW wants $75 for (no thanks!).

    I am majorly jealous!


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