Monday, April 19, 2010

Can You Handle It?

Now that the weather is warming up J and I will start up our favorite activity – taking bike rides around the area.  He’d much rather bike than drive somewhere which always leaves me with a problem – where do I put my purse/wallet?  If we bike to the bar ice cream parlor I like to  have my cash with me and I hate putting it in my pockets.  Have you ever biked while a purse is hanging from your shoulder?  It just isn’t fun or comfortable so I decided that a bike bag is in my near future. Just to give you a visual, here’s my bike:

IMG_2827My bike doesn’t have a straight top tube (it slants toward the rear wheel) and it has large springs under the seat so most bike bags won’t work for me.  I decided that I have two choices: get a bike rack that I can hang a bag on or get a handlebar bag. 

I searched on Etsy first with hopes of finding an inexpensive bag that I could use – no dice.  I then went to my usual store, REI, to see what they had.  I’m leaning towards a handlebar bag so here are the options that I came across that I like:

Timbuk2 Handlebar Bag: small size, removable, doesn’t have a shoulder strap

timbuk1timbuk2 I like the lean look of this bag but I will likely remove the bag to go to the bar store and this doesn’t have a shoulder strap (it lets you…hook it to your belt!  ha ha ha Um, no).

Detours City F Handlebar Bag: removable, larger opening, long handles, rain cover

detours1detours2 A little bulky but that might be a good thing; though this isn’t exactly purse-like

Detours Tobe Handlebar Purse: very small, removable, raincover, purse-like

detours3 This might be too small – it says it holds your phone, keys and credit cards.  For the most part that would work but when going for longer rides having some bike tools on hand may be necessary.

po campo Handlebar Bag: closest resembles a purse, super cute, nice size, most expensive



I love this bag – especially the yummy butter yellow color! I can see getting this one if I don’t buy a new summer purse (yes, I buy new purses almost every season) since it is more $ than I wanted to spend. 

Decisions, decisions.  Do any of you have a bike bag?  If so, what kind do you have?  How girly is it to have something that resembles a purse hanging from your handlebars?!? :) 


  1. I like everything except the one that looks like a cooler. My favorite is the one from Detours. You could keep a little bag under the seat to put tools in, as long as you don't think they'd get stolen.

  2. I can't fit a bag under the seat as mentioned because of the springs so a rack bag or handlebar bag are my only options (trust me - I've tried!). Thanks for the input though!

  3. I like the one that looks like a little handbag :) I'm wondering how hard it would be to stitch two D-rings onto the Timbuk2 bag and attach a strap? If the price difference is really big that might be a nice way to go. Or you could clip it to your belt ;) hahaha!


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