Monday, April 26, 2010

Did You Get the Memo?

When I was decorating the basement earlier this year I made a large memo board from some scrap wood, batting and canvas I had lying around.  I couldn’t decide where to hang it though since I ended up not liking it in the basement so it sat in my office for about a month.


Recently I started removing wine-themed items from my kitchen and the latest objects to be removed were some fun plates I had hanging by the window.

IMG_3134 I decided that I would hang the memo board here so I had a place to put coupons and other oddities rather than hang them on my fridge.  When I held the memo board over the space, however, I found out that it was too large to be hung there.

IMG_3138 This was an easy fix, though, since the board was actually four pieces of wood that were taped together!  When my new washer and dryer were delivered, these pieces of wood were in the bottoms of each box to support my machines.  Rather than toss them out I had decided to save them “just in case” and I’m glad I did!  I flipped the memo board over and started removing the staples that held the canvas and batting in place. I then removed two of the pieces of wood so I was left with a much skinnier board that would fit into the space.

IMG_3139IMG_3140 I cut off the extra fabric and batting, removed the black ribbon and then reassembled the memo board at half its original size.   It was then simply a matter of deciding how high to hang it on the kitchen wall and then filling it with items that were hanging on the fridge.

IMG_3141IMG_3144IMG_3145 I love the board in the kitchen and even more, that this project cost me $0.  Zip. Nadda. Nothing. If you want to make one yourself you simply need:

  • wood (scraps, plywood, old cabinet doors, or even a frame)
  • batting
  • fabric (I used left over canvas drop cloth that was purchased at Home Depot on the cheap)
  • ribbon
  • nail head brads

You simply cover the wood the same way you do a chair.  Easy!

Does anyone else have a memo board in their kitchen?  Have you reused shipping materials in a fun way like I did? Do tell.

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