Monday, April 12, 2010

Got Milk?

I have a new obsession: milk glass.  How could I *not* love something that is white and pretty?  It all started with these two dishes from the Salvation Army.


Then I started hunting for more.  I found candy dishes at another Salvation Army but I didn’t love them so I left them behind.  When I was home this past week, we went to an antique store in Ironwood, MI where I struck milk glass gold.  Seriously, this shop was the motherload of milk glass.   I had to limit what I bought due to space and cash but I foresee another trip to that shop the next time I’m home.  Dan’s Antiques is two stories of wonderful wares – they have jewelry, dishes, furniture, oddities, toys, books, EVERYTHING.  I think we spent two hours in there searching for goodies (I had my mom and brother’s girlfriend looking for milk glass for me!).  I fell in love with a side table ($25) but I couldn’t think of a place for it in my house.  I’m still hoping to find space for it but I’m sure it will be gone the next time I make it up north since trips up there happen twice a year. Here’s a small peek at the shop:

IMG_3175 IMG_3176 I spent $30 and came home with this:  (the glass plates and wooden frames are from my parents’ home)

IMG_3209 Let’s take a closer look, shall we.

IMG_3212 Candy dishes

IMG_3214 Bowl and ceramic bird napkin holders

IMG_3215 Plates


Candy dish and planter



Pink milk glass (gift from mom) – my new favorite thing!


Glass plates from mom

My lovely new milk glass on display in the dining room:


I need to paint the back of the shelving so that my collection stands out but I can’t decide on a color.  Any suggestions?  Does anyone else out there collect milk glass?  There were so many other pieces that I wanted to bring home but I just couldn’t…this time.


  1. I love these too! You can find them usually for really great prices at your local flea markets. :)

    Bre @

  2. I love the wine glasses and the way you have placed them on the shelf. The little birds are my favorite!


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