Thursday, April 8, 2010

Martha Stewart Paint

The Martha Stewart Living line of paints are finally at your local Home Depot.  In fact, they’ve been available since March but I’m finally getting around to taking pictures of the paint samples I snagged.   Her paint is touted as long lasting, quick drying and low odor/VOC.  I can’t really attest to any of that but I can say that the colors are gorgeous.  Here are a few colors I was immediately drawn to:

IMG_3248 I didn’t grab a card for all 280 colors but I was able to snag the complete paint palette booklet.

IMG_3253 IMG_3254 What I really like about her line is that on the back of each color sample card they have suggested ceiling and woodwork colors.  I’m a huge fan of all white woodwork but if you wanted to mix it up, the cards help you coordinate.

IMG_3249 I won’t be painting any rooms in my house anytime soon but I’m tempted to buy a small sample size to paint the back of the shelves in the dining room. All 280 colors can be mixed in sample sizes, but they also have 12 of Martha’s seasonal favorites in pre-tinted testers. I think the ‘Ballet Slipper Pink’ may be fun or even ‘Sea Glass.’   Any Martha fans out there who have tried the new line of paint at Home Depot?  For the rest of the Martha line (outdoor furniture, rugs, cleaning supplies, storage) go here.

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  1. We need to repaint our living room and kitchen, maybe we'll go Martha this time. Plus, my MIL despises Martha, so it would give me great pleasure to tell her it was a Martha Stewart line we used:) Okay, that's so not nice, I and see some shades there that I'd like to use, but you know, the MIL thing is a bonus.


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