Monday, April 19, 2010

Mowing On

Last week I mentioned that I was on a hunt for a new mower.  I really wanted something that had an electric start and had large rear wheels but they just don’t make mowers with that combo.  So I had to decide – get one that I could easily maneuver or one that I could actually start.  I visited a couple of local stores that sell lawn mowers since I really wanted to buy local rather than from a big box home improvement store (though I did check prices there as well to make sure I got a deal).  Last Monday my trunk looked like this:

IMG_3268I went with the Toro Personal Pace Electric Start Walk Power Mower:


Unfortunately this mower wasn’t less than $300 like I wanted but the extra $100 is likely money I would have spent on arm surgery if I went with a traditional pull start mower so I see it as a win.  The nice guys at Billings Lawn Equipment assembled the mower, filled it with oil and gas and tested it for me before loading it up in my car.  I paid the same price at the local store as I would have paid at Home Depot so I was happy. 

This mower is awesome for a few reasons:

  1. The electric start is sooooo easy to use – you just turn a key!
  2. The bag is extremely easy to put on/take off
  3. The side discharge is easy to use
  4. The mower moves as fast as you do – as you walk and press down on the handle, the mower speeds up depending on how hard you push on the handle

The only downside (that was listed in a few reviews) is that the bag is small so I had to empty it three times when I mowed my small lawn.  This won’t be a big deal the rest of the year since I like to use the side discharge but for the first mow every year I will use the bag so I don’t have to rake (raking = very bad for my arms). So far I see it as $400 well spent even though I would have much rather spent the money on a new tent.

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