Friday, April 2, 2010

Out with the Old: Week 5

Finally!  The final post!  Going through my house and getting rid of things has been so fulfilling and fun – I hope others took on the challenge!

IMG_3110 Week 5 items: 41-50

  1. Basket – Don’t Need (given to me for a fundraiser but I found a smaller one to use instead)
  2. Wedges – Don’t Love (hard to keep clean)
  3. Polka Dot Heels – Don’t Love (give me blisters)
  4. Brown Heels – Don’t Love (stretched out and don’t stay on!)
  5. Plaid Heels – Don’t Love (give me blisters)
  6. Sweaters – Don’t Love
  7. Belts – Don’t Use (came with shorts but I’ve never worn the belts)
  8. Wine Glass holders – Don’t Use (giving these to my boss)
  9. Cooking magazines – Don’t Need (tore out recipes I wanted)
  10. Creamer – Don’t Use (can’t find the sugar bowl portion)

That concludes my Throw out 50 Things in a month!  You should see the bag I have to give to the Salvation Army! 

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