Friday, April 9, 2010

Push Over

When I bought my house my friend, Kim, gave me her old John Deere lawn mower since she had two once her boyfriend moved into her house.  Score!  This mower worked great for four years but it’s time to upgrade for a couple of reasons – 1) the self propeller doesn’t work and it will likely cost as much to fix it as it will to get a new one and 2) it is incredibly hard to start.

Since I’ve been diagnosed with Tennis Elbow in both elbows now (how in the world did that happen?!?) I need a mower that is easy to start and gentle on my arms.  I’d love to get one that starts with the push of a button but I’m having a hard time finding those online with the other features I want.

My new mower must:

  • Have larger rear wheels for easier maneuverability on my uneven lawn
  • Be incredibly easy to start without having to prime it 1000 times; push start is preferred
  • Be self propelled
  • Allow for side discharge since I don’t really care for bags (the grass shavings are actually good for your lawn in the summer heat)
  • Cost less than $300

So far I’ve found only two contenders at Lowes and Home Depot. 

Troy-Bilt 6.75-Torque 21" Cut Self Propelled Mower


Toro 22 In. Variable Speed Self-Propelled Recycler High Wheel Mower

toro These meet all of my requirements except that they are pull starters – not push starters.  There is one push starter that I found - Lawn Boy Electric Start Walk Power Mower – but it doesn’t have larger rear wheels. 

What mower do you have?  Anyone out there know of a great walk behind mower that has large rear wheels and a push start? Help a girl out!


  1. Have you checked out Sears? My dad and J like their Craftsman mowers. Otherwise I'm not much help ;)

  2. I always forget about Sears. Thanks, Alanna - I'm checking them out right now!

  3. Have you thought about a 'reel mower'? I wouldn't say it meets all your criteria above but it is cheap to maintain (not gas or electric powered), costs about $100, drops the clippings back in the yard, won't hurt yourself starting it!, should be easy to maneuver on the lawn because they're small. We have one and it works great. Marissa


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