Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Secret Shame

My family and friends know me as a very organized person.  I’ve been a little OCD since I was born since my toys had to be lined up just so and my crayons were perfectly arranged in my crayon box (I once tried to have a messy crayon box like my friends but after ten minutes I had to reorganize it since it was driving me crazy).

I’m going to share with you my secret shame – my desk drawer.  The other drawer is perfectly organized with note pads, clips, scissors, tape, etc but this drawer is….not.  This drawer is where I throw all of my receipts.  Mind you, I have an expandable folder that I used to put receipts in so that I could easily and quickly balance my checkbook each month.  Lately (as in since September when my life turned upside down) I just throw everything in one drawer.  

IMG_3065 I haven’t balanced my checkbook in months.  As long as the dollar figure looks okay when I take money out of the ATM I’ve been ignoring this drawer.  Well, no more.  My plan for next weekend is to sit down and go through this drawer – balance my checking, file the receipts I should keep and shred receipts I no longer need.  Maybe my life will have some semblance of order again.

IMG_3066 What is your secret shame? 


  1. honey, if that's the messiest place in your house... there is no shame. :)
    Wish I were as organized as you were. You really could start consulting. You can start with me.


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