Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sound of Music

I currently own a stereo that was a gift from an ex-boyfriend.  While I generally like it (it plays CDs and the radio) I think it is time to upgrade to something smaller that I can move about the house (not to mention that I need the shelf space in the dining room for storage). 

IMG_3236 Honestly I listen to the stereo:

  • When getting ready for work (radio)
  • When I’m not home I leave it on for Sami (radio)
  • When working from home (radio)

I also have a speaker system for my iPods that I love for its size and portability. 

IMG_3238I originally decided I wanted something that was small and played radio stations while working at home or when getting ready for work.  Then I started wondering if I should also get something that plays my iPod (remember – I already have a speaker system for the iPod) and what about CDs (that I listen to maybe once a year).   I don’t care whether it has an alarm clock since I already have two of those (did I mention my alarm clock in the bedroom plays CDs so I wouldn’t technically be losing that ability but well, its in the bedroom).

So the hunt for a new stereo has begun.  When I have guests, if music is playing, 90% of the time it is from the iPod or the radio. 

1 - The Sharper Image® Clock Radio/CD Player Dock for iPod/iPhone

(radio, cd, iPod –> plugs in and uses batteries for backup)

radio3 2 - Jensen Digital Music System for iPod/iPhone - Black (JIMS-211I)

(radio, iPod –> plugs in, not sure about batteries)


3 - Philips DC315/37 Speaker System for iPod/iPhone with LED Clock Radio (Black)

(radio, iPod –> plugs in, not sure about batteries)


What stereo/radio systems do you have?  Can anyone recommend a good one for me? What do you think about having a CD player on it?


  1. We have all of our cds loaded into our itunes so we never use them anymore. If we only want to listen to a certain "cd" we just use the playlist function on the ipod

  2. My CDs are also on my iPod. Well, except for my Christmas CDs. :)

  3. We have my ancient (and large) stereo from college - it's been in a closet for 3 years. We generally listen to Pandora through the Bluray player. Although I know there are limits to the amount you can listen in a 7 day period (you might exceed that with Sami's music).
    I would love a very small CD player in the kitchen for JJ's music class CD's. (we always get 2 copies, one for the car and one for the house)


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