Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tearing Down Fences

I’ve talked about my fences before.  Back in 2007 I took apart the small fence that lines the north side of my driveway, sanded it, painted it and then reassembled it.  It looked great but was a pain in the @$$ since I had a hard time mowing around it and my neighbor also had the painful task of mowing near it. 

100_1785 The other day I decided that I’d had enough.  On a whim I took down the picket fence and the long horizontal support beams.  That left two vertical poles that needed to be removed – the one closest to the street was simply stuck in the ground so I was able to remove it after a LOT of twisting and turning.  Look at how much grass is in that spot!  It was impossible to mow or even weed whack that spot with the fence up. (On a side note, notice how much greener the grass is now – three years later! )

IMG_3270 The lone pole that was left was a different story.  This sucker was actually cemented in (as it should have been!) so I dug and dug and dug until I finally hit cement about 10 inches down.

IMG_3269 I decided that rather than try to dig the cement out, I’d ask J for help.  His solution was to cut the pole with his saw zaw and then bury the cement and pole that was left in the ground.  I love how open the space is now and how much easier it is to maintain. 

IMG_3329Now I just need to lay down some grass seed to cover the hole.  Why didn’t I do this three years ago rather than waste time and energy with the fence?!?

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  1. It looks great either way. That picket fence was too cute!


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