Thursday, April 22, 2010

To Grow or Not to Grow

Happy Earth Day!  To celebrate I thought I’d do a post on whether or not I should plant some herbs again this year.  Last year I planted some tomatoes, basil and cilantro in containers near my garage, where I get the best sun. I’ll be honest – the tomatoes, while they grew like crazy were kind of gross.  They just didn’t have the right texture or flavor.  The basil grew like crazy and I used it often but not often enough and the cilantro, well I killed that. 

I’d like to do a little container gardening again this year (I think) but I’m trying to decide what to plant.  Basil for sure but other than that I really have no idea what I want.  Herb Gardens Today had a list of themed herb gardens you can plant:

  • Salad Herb Garden
  • Medicinal Herb Garden
  • Tea Herb Garden
  • Culinary Herb Garden
  • Witches’ Herb Garden
  • Sun Herb Garden
  • Moon Herb Garden
  • Butterfly Herb Garden
  • Bird Herb Garden
  • Aromatic Herb Garden
  • Medieval Herb Garden

I thought I’d show some great herb gardens for inspiration.

herbgarden1 Source

potted herbs, real simple

Source: Real Simple

potted herbs

Source: Unknown

3-grow-your-own-lg Source 

DCF 1.0


How about you?  Is anyone planning an herb garden this year?  What herbs will you be planting?


  1. Yes I love herbs. I was thinking of making a salsa garden. Tomatoes, onions, cilantro and hot peppers. I'll also grow basil, thai basil, oregano, dill, just to name a few.
    I have grown tomatoes before and they turned out pretty good, so I will probably try those again, too.
    Love your blog and the makeover of your home :)

  2. One of my magazines (I think Food Network) had a section on container gardens. I really want to do one this summer since an actual garden is impossible in our yard. I'm thinking about a few veggies I can feed Miss E and some herbs


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