Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Transforming the So-So

Nothing is safe when I have  can of white spray paint lying around.  I recently found a few more items for the house that I thought would look great painted white.  I took some so-so brown frames and painted them a glossy white so that they could hang in the basement collage.

IMG_3263 I loved that these frames were  a mix of the octagons and circles that I had on the main wall in the basement living space.  I removed the old green velvet and replaced it with chevron green and white scrapbook paper.


I bought this frame to balance out the octagon mirror that I had on the main wall.

IMG_3265I moved the round frames from this wall and hung them above the storage units. I also replaced the paper in them with small mirrors to bounce a little more light around the room.  


Another item that got transformed is a frame that I was given from my mom.  When I was home we went through our old stuff to determine what she could sell in a yard sale this summer.  When I found this frame sitting in the wood room I had to have it. She graciously gave it to me.

IMG_3220 Look at the detail!


It stands out even more now that it is glossy white.

IMG_3266Mom also gave me some 4x6 frames that I painted white.  I placed fun, blue scrapbook paper behind the glass and the postcards I brought back from our trip to Mackinac Island last summer.  They were hung above my desk in my home office.

IMG_3323IMG_3325 IMG_3324Anyone else out there have a hard time *not* painting something you’ve found?  I’d love to see other people’s transformations.   You know I love a good before and after!

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