Friday, May 7, 2010

Memo Wall

It all started with a gorgeous frame my mother gave me. 

IMG_3220 IMG_3221The first step was to paint it white (naturally).  Then I was stumped.  Did I want to make it into a chalkboard?  A memo board? A cork board?   I had recently seen examples of each that I loved online so it was a matter of deciding what I would use the most.

Picture996 Source: Life in the Fun Lane


Source: Life in the Fun Lane

brooklynlimestoneSource: Brooklyn Limestone

I decided to go another route that would cost me $0. I had this gorgeous blue paisley wrapping paper in my stash that I cut to length and taped to the cardboard backing of the frame. I placed the glass on top of the paper and wrote with a dry erase marker to see how it looked.  The paper was a tad too dark, making it difficult to read my messages.  After staring at the frame for a minute I wondered if velum paper laid on top of the wrapping paper would work – it did!

IMG_3281  The left side is the paper + velum and the right is just the paper (all under the glass). See how dark the paper is behind the memo? Now compare it with the memo written on the velum side.

IMG_3283(If you aren’t sure what velum is, look at any of your past wedding invitations.  Many invitations placed a piece of velum overtop of the invitation to soften it a bit. You can buy velum by the sheet (8x11 or 12x12) at any craft store.)

I used 1.25 pieces of velum to cover the wrapping paper.  I taped the seam closed between the two pieces so you can see the tape if you look real close on the finished product on my wall but I don’t mind it since it’s barely visible.

IMG_3287Then I simply reassembled the frame with the glass in place.

IMG_3353I wanted to create a memo wall in the office to get things off my desk so I started with the dry erase memo board.  Then I decided to take two frames I already had, paint them white and then place a piece of sheet metal in lieu of the glass so that I could hang bulldog clips on each frame to display invitations, announcements, etc.


I had originally bought a couple of fancy patterned radiator sheets to hang in the mirrors similar to Brooklyn Limestone (above).  However, I decided that it was just too much next to the ornate memo board frame.  By using plain old sheet metal, I didn’t have to worry about the bulldog clips not sticking and I like the simplicity of the silver metal (not to mention that a large piece of sheet metal cost me $5 vs. $18 for the patterned radiator covers). The bottom frame looks great with the memo frame since it is edged with dots just like the memo board.  I love happy accidents! IMG_3355 The finished wall:

IMG_3358 The items in the smaller frames will change often, making the wall fun and interactive.  Right now I have a wedding invitation and a shower invite hanging (since the shower has passed I can now hang up something else). This gets invitations/announcements/whatever off my desk and into a place where I’ll be reminded of the event.

Total cost for the entire wall display: $5 for the sheet metal


  1. That is so cute and clever. I love how it all started with that gorgeous carved frame from your mom!


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