Friday, May 14, 2010


I recently discovered Milk Glass plates.  If you remember, I bought two on my last trip to the U.P. from this great antique store for $7 and $5 each.  I’ve since been looking for more with little success until I made a trip to the Odd Fellows Antique store in Berkley, MI. This antique store, while much pricier than the U.P. store, has a ton of great items – furniture, jewelry, china, glass, pottery, and above all – Milk Glass.

I decided that I wanted to change the wall decor in the dining room and my first two Milk Glass plates are what started the upgrade.  I thought  a wall of plates (some Milk Glass some others in shades of blue) would be fun and colorful.  The room is filled with black furniture and previously, dark decor so I wanted to brighten it up with some white.

IMG_1376While I’ve loved the canvas art for five years, I decided it was time for a change. (Note: The wall color in the first picture is the most accurate – the other pictures were all taken at night) When hanging any kind of collage on the walls, I do as my mother taught me – lay out your items on the floor to play with the arrangement.

IMG_3364 I then made templates for each plate and labeled them so I could remember which was which.

IMG_3366 The next step was to tape the templates to the wall.

IMG_3369 Then I simply nailed picture hangers into the wall and slid the plates over the hooks (I used wall plate hangers on the back of each plate  like these).


IMG_3380 Here’s some close-ups of my newest plates:

IMG_3376from Anthropologie (J’s favorite) – yes, I still need to remove the old screw!


from TJMaxx


Antique European plate


Milk Glass – I hung it so you can see the bottom since it was so cool


Milk Glass (the most expensive of the bunch but I love the edging)

I wasn’t sure how I’d really like it once I was finished but I think it’s fun and right now, I love it (although I think it may need two really small blue plates to round it out).  Who knows – I’ll probably change my mind in a year or so but it’s a great way to display unique plates that you love that would otherwise be sitting in a cupboard.

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  1. I've been collecting Milk Glass for about 18 years now. It's so beautiful and looks good with everything. My favorite pieces that I use constantly are my cake stands. Have been meaning to do a post about my collection; I think you've given me the inspiration. Love your plate wall ... it's absolutely gorgeous!


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