Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simple Fix: Hooks

I love hanging wreaths on my front door but after I painted the door last summer, the Command hooks I used to use on the door no longer stick well.  In fact, they generally fall off after an hour or so.  I didn’t want to drill a hole in the door or use a permanent hook so my door has been unadorned since Christmas (I hung that wreath using a long piece of ribbon that was taped to the top of the door).

One of my awesome readers (hi, Brian!) mentioned that he and his wife use metal hooks on their doors.  It never crossed my mind to see if a magnet would stick to my door and what do you know – it does.  So for the low cost of $1 I now have a metal hook on my front door to hang wreaths from.  The best part – you can’t even see it.

IMG_3408 IMG_3406 Simple fixes, people.  It’s all about the simple fixes.

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