Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sound of Music: Take Two

Back in April I discussed wanting a new, smaller stereo for my home.  I’ve looked online here and there for a new system but finally decided to actively look for something last week since I planned on giving my mother my old stereo for her store (or home) and she was going to be here on Saturday. 

J and I first went to Best Buy since he claims if you want a stereo, BB is the place to go.  BB was a huge disappointment.  Everything they had either placed the iPod on top of the unit, was too large, or didn’t have the capability to play the radio.  I suggested checking out Meijer since we were running in there to grab some yogurt anyway.  He wasn’t optimistic since he felt they didn’t carry quality electronic equipment, whereas I thought they likely carried the same brands as Target or BB.

As we wandered their electronic section, we came across the same EXACT iPod stereo he has – the Altec Lansing inMotion. This digital speaker system normally runs $130 but they had one model left with a clearance sticker marking it down to $97.49.  Since I wanted to pay around $100 and I knew this was a good model since J’s had his for two years I quickly grabbed it and made my way to the check out. Imagine my surprise when I scanned it and the price was $64.99! I let out an excited squeal since I love getting something at a bargain!

I immediately set it up at home and am already in love with its size, portability and crystal-clear sound.

IMG_3411 I wanted to put it on top of the storage cabinet in the dining room but I realized that there isn’t an outlet back there so if I want this in the dining room (the central room in my home so having the stereo there allows me to hear it in every room when its plugged in), my options are limited.  Right now its on the shelf the old stereo was on but I imagine I’ll move it at some point (I just haven’t figured out where).

IMG_3412 IMG_3413 Mom was very excited to take my old stereo off my hands and I was happy to give it to her. Its a great system that should work well for her needs – it just didn’t meet mine anymore. 

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