Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chain Gang

As I’ve mentioned a few times my backyard has two types of fencing: picket and chain link. There is a small section of chain link fence along the SE side of my yard that has seen better days.  Unfortunately this section of fence is visible from the street.

IMG_3625 Many critters can get into the yard since there is a huge gap between the fence and the post that butts up against my house. See the rocks and cement thing in the picture above?  Yea – the old owners had those in place to try to keep the critters out.  It didn’t work.

IMG_3626 It has taken me five years but I finally decided to replace this fence since it is an eyesore. Look at how it bows out and is completely rusted. Not pretty.

IMG_3628 I inquired at work and on Facebook to see if anyone had any extra fencing lying around that they would be willing to sell me (after a search on both Craigslist and Freecycle came up empty).  I only needed 12 feet of fence (4 feet high) so I didn’t want to buy an entire roll of the fencing from a hardware store since 1) I would have to pay $50 and 2) I didn’t want all the extra fencing lying around.  A friend of mine had 40 feet of fence so he cut me a section free of charge.  Score!

I bought some carriage bolts/nuts, a tension rod and some metal fencing hooks from Home Depot for less than $10.  Once I removed the old fence all I had to do was attach the new fence to the existing posts and bar. 

IMG_3634 No more space for critters!

IMG_3631 Goodbye rusty and sagging fence!

IMG_3633 I should have spray painted the existing bars before attaching the new fence but I didn’t think about it until I was finished.  Maybe I’ll do that another day.  This took me about 20 minutes.  Not bad for someone who has never installed fencing before!


  1. Good job!
    My Grandma had a chain link fence, and every spring we would sprinkle morning glory seeds along the fence. They would grow and climb up the fence and it would look so cheerful :)

  2. Maybe you were a carpenter in a former life. Looks good!


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