Thursday, June 3, 2010


I finally decided to go ahead and plant some herbs this year.  Instead of using the metal tub I used last year, I planted my grape tomato plant directly into the ground.  I’m hoping I’ll get some nicer tomatoes that way.

IMG_3447 I’ve already got some green tomatoes!

IMG_3442I planted marigolds around the tomato plant since I read that it helps keep bugs from eating your tomatoes.  Let’s hope it works!

IMG_3440To bring a little more color to the side of the garage, I planted some dahlias in small pots.  I had herbs here last year but they got too much sun and dried out in this area so I thought sun-loving flowers would be better.  


My herbs (right now I have basil and mint) are now located by the grill patio that I made this weekend.  I bought a rectangle planter and some patio hooks from Home Depot for around $14 for the herbs.


IMG_3443 That’s it for my herbs for now.  I still want to get a cilantro plant so I’ll scoop one up the next time I make it to the farmers market!


  1. We have mint growing wild up here and I plan on making some mint juleps with it. You should, too!

  2. I bought a cilantro plant for our garden - it got HUGE HUGE HUGE! I finally cut it down because it was too big for the space I figured it would take :) Hopefully it grows back smaller!


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