Monday, June 28, 2010

Storage Solutions: Car

I’ve had a Chevrolet Cavalier for ten years now.  This car has seen me through a few moves, two states and many trips to the UP and WV to visit family. As she (doesn’t everyone refer to their car as a female?!?) started to creep up in miles (165K) and I was putting more and more cash into repairs I decided that it was time to upgrade to a new-to-me vehicle.  I wanted something that would fit into my tiny garage (it had to be less than: 94”wide, 73” high and 224” long), had cargo space and wasn’t a gas guzzler.  I test drove smaller SUVs and wagons since I ruled out a sedan right away.  I finally made the big purchase a week ago and came home with a 2007 Honda certified CR-V.  She is not only gorgeous but she met the requirements listed above plus had a sunroof and heated seats that were installed just for me.


She *just* met the size requirements:

IMG_3624 What I didn’t really think too much about was storage space inside the car – you know for maps (I have a GPS but still keep paper maps in the car), my two pairs of prescription glasses that I only wear when driving, and other car necessities (tissues, hand sanitizer, tp, pen, notebook, car charger, iPod AUX cable, emergency gas can, tools, bungee cords, etc).  I had a few storage compartments that I quickly filled with necessities:

IMG_3637 (under the shifter – tissues, AUX cable and car phone charger)


(dual glove boxes – top one holds two pairs of glasses and the bottom holds my maps)

I also have a sunglass holder overhead that holds non-prescription sunglasses and a small compartment to the left of the driver seat is empty right now.  Each door also has compartments but I wanted things to be neatly stored and within my reach. 

My CR-V doesn’t have a full console – instead it has a console tray that is nice enough but without a ‘real’ console you lose storage space.

IMG_3635 I decided to buy a small box to store under the console tray to keep other necessities within reach but when I looked underneath the console I had to change my plans slightly.  There is a bar that limits the size of the storage unit you can put under there.

IMG_3644I went to TJMaxx and Target and bought a few various sized bags instead – makeup bags, lunch bags, small tote bags, etc. – so that I could see what would work best for me. I ended up keeping a simple black lunch bag since it was the perfect shape and size for this space.  Total cost: $5.

IMG_3642  Look at all the crap…err…stuff it holds.

IMG_3643 The next area I needed to address was the trunk.  In my old Cavalier, I had a trunk organizer that held my tools,  jumper cables, rags, emergency flares, emergency gas can, etc.  I didn’t want to use the trunk organizer anymore (not to mention that the sucker was a pain in the behind) so I had to figure something out for the trunk space. Upon closer inspection, I noticed all of the storage space in and around my full sized spare tire.  I simply put the jumper cables in the spare tire and then filled an Embark packing cube (size large; cost: $15) with everything else.  I figured that anything meant to organize clothing could easily corral random tools for my trunk space and I was right.  It all fit perfectly.

IMG_3646 And here is a better shot of all the car-related stuff it holds.


The best part is that it perfectly fits inside the tire…or maybe it is that this sucker has a handle making it easy to grab/carry.

IMG_3645 So there you have it.  Two storage solutions for my new-to-me car for $20.  Don’t you love when household items can be used in other places?

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  1. You are too funny! Only you would be so organized in the car. Don't know where you got the organization from...maybe Grandma. Looks good.


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