Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wrangling Hoses

I have two outdoor water faucets – one in the front of my home and one in the back.  Each faucet has its own water hose that I keep nearby for watering my flower gardens. The back hose is neatly hung on the wall with a hose hanger but the front hose has previously just been tossed on the ground.

IMG_3558 I started looking around to decide what I wanted to use to wrangle the hose.  There are many options out there – bowls/baskets, wind-up holders, wall hangers, in-ground hose hangers, etc.  I was considering options similar to these:


I really didn’t want to spend much money on something, though, and I saw flaws in each of these since I wanted something that was easy to use and didn’t require any installation. I found the perfect solution for $12 at Menards – an in-ground hose rack.

IMG_3560 I love the simple lines and that the hose is easy to get on/off.

IMG_3563 How do you wrangle your water hose?

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  1. On a visit to Target this weekend I noticed that they were "clearancing" a hose hanger similar to the white filigree one you included. This was black, moulded plastic (very good mold not at all "fakey" looking) and only $9.99!


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