Friday, July 23, 2010

The Head of the Class

I’ve been making my own upholstered headboards for as long as I can remember.  You can find tutorials all over online I’m sure – I learned how to make them from watching TLC way back in the day.  The headboard I had in my master bedroom was made using a striped white sheet, which looked great for a few years.  However, despite the fact that I shower and wash my hair regularly I still found oil marks on the headboard where my head and J’s head rested against the headboard.  Gross!  Luckily for everyone the stains were beneath the pillows when the bed is made but let’s be real – my bed is not always made.

IMG_3077 I tried to use a bleach pen to bleach the area but that left me with two large yellow stains on my otherwise white headboard. I decided to recover the headboard with some white duck cloth I had in my fabric stash (another find from JoAnn’s remnant section). One yard of white fabric later and the headboard looked as good as new.  I decided to protect it by spraying three coats of Stain Guard over the entire headboard…let’s hope it works. 

The final step was to glam the headboard up a bit by attaching nail head trim along the edges.  The trim adds just a small finishing touch that I just love. 

IMG_3757  IMG_3756 IMG_3712Total cost for this project was around $4 for the fabric if I remember correctly (remember, I had the fabric in  my stash) – I had the nail head trim left over from when I made over the chair in the basement.

Has anyone else used nail head trim for anything? 


  1. What you don't make your bed every day...hard to believe! It looks great.


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