Monday, July 19, 2010

Let’s Polka!

Last week I mentioned that I brought a chair home from my parents house and I was torn whether to keep it as a chair or turn it into a stool.  I went with my gut and turned it into a great looking stool for my bedroom.  Here’s the before…

IMG_3676 and the after...


I unscrewed the chair back from underneath the seat, sanded the legs, painted the legs black  and then recovered the seat in great fabric I found in the remnant section at JoAnn’s.  Have I mentioned how much I love the remnant section at JoAnn’s before?  You can find great fabric there for a fraction of the normal cost. 

The stool can either go by the vanity to stack pillows on when I go to sleep….

IMG_3725 …or it can go next to the bed as a place to stack my reading material at night.

IMG_3729 I love the touch of black that it brings to the room, not to mention the function.  While it may no longer look like the chair I loved as a little girl, it will always hold the memories for me but now it fits into my home a little better.


  1. It looks great. So glad you made it work.

  2. What a neat idea! This has definitely inspired me to be on the lookout for similar chairs.

    Great transformation! Thanks for sharing :)


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