Friday, July 30, 2010

Review: Steam Shot

I previously mentioned that the fine folks over at CSN stores offered me a chance to review any product from their stores.  After browsing for what seemed like hours I decided to order the Bissell Steam Shot since I wanted to take my love of steam cleaning to a new level. I’m in love with my Shark Steam Mop (cleaning floors has never been easier!) so I was hoping to have a similar experience when cleaning hard surfaces in my home.  According to Bissell:

“Stubborn soil that resists traditional hot water, cleaning solutions and vigorous scrubbing can often be effectively removed with high temperature steam. Use your Steam Shot to soften and remove stubborn dirt, grime, dry, hardened food and other household soil from hard surfaces.”

First let me tell you that my ordering experience at CSN was a delight.  I ordered my product and received it in less than a week.  Gotta love quick deliveries! I excitedly opened the box to look at all the fun accessories that came with my Steam Shot.


  1. Accessory Nozzle
  2. Window squeegee tool – hooks onto fabric steamer tool for glass and window cleaning
  3. Fabric steamer tool – great for refreshing and removing wrinkles on clothing or drapes (cloth attachment, not pictured)
  4. Grout brush tool – scrubs small cracks and crevices
  5. Detail brush tool – scrubs stubborn stains; color coded for specific use
  6. Angle concentrator tool – for getting steam in tight spaces
  7. Flat scraping tool – removes wallpaper, gum and extra sticky messes
  8. Extension hose – for cleaning hard to reach areas

I first tested the Steam Shot in the kitchen.  Every night I wipe down the counters and any spills but I’m not as great with remembering to clean the oven’s handle.  There was some baked on grime that my Method cleaners just weren’t removing.  I filled the Steam Shot’s reservoir (which is kind of small but the unit can get heavy so the size of the reservoir didn’t bother me), waited for the unit to heat up and then started cleaning.  Look at all the steam that came out of the unit!

IMG_3738It put on quite a show, but sadly did nothing to clean the oven’s handle.  Instead, I cleaned the handle with a Mr. Clean Eraser so that it now sparkles.  Verdict = FAIL

Next I decided to clean the sprayer on my kitchen sink.  I’ve tried cleaning this with household cleaners only to still have water stains in the tiny holes.


After a few seconds with the Steam Shot, the sprayer was as good as new. I can see using this to clean my shower head as well since I have always hated using cleaners on it since once you shower, those cleaners are then getting sprayed back on you.  Yuck!  Verdict = WIN

The next attachment I wanted to test drive was the squeegee.  I cleaned the window in my office (that is covered with kitty nose prints) in a few seconds with no streaking. 

IMG_3736 IMG_3751I have to say that it cleaned as well as traditional towels/cleaner but was a bit more cumbersome.  Verdict = DRAW

I’m excited to try the fabric steamer tool on my drapes as well as continue trying out the various tools to clean other surfaces in my home.  I love the idea of cleaning with steam vs. cleaners but there are still some drawbacks to this tool.  For one, it takes a little while for the steam to regenerate as you’re cleaning.  You can’t just press the button and go.  You have to take mini breaks.  Another is that I’ve read reviews stating that the tools have melted.  I can see this happening since the steam gets very hot but of course, I haven’t encountered that yet.  The next test will definitely be the bathroom – I want to see how this baby handles soap scum and mildew.  I’ll return with a follow-up review once I do a little more testing. Thanks again to CSN Stores for allowing me to test drive one of your products!

Anyone else use the Steam Shot or other steam cleaners?  What is your take on the power of steam cleaning?


  1. I'm interested in seeing what it does to soap scum - I could be a convert if it'll make my job cleaning the tub and shower easier!

  2. I just purchased the shark cleaner for the bathroom and kitchen cabinets. I will try it out this weekend.

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