Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feed Me!

This little butterball not only loves to sleep in the leather tote I store an extra throw blanket in but she also loves to eat as is evident by her big, pink belly.

IMG_3821 I grew tired of her waking me up at 6am on the weekends and decided to bite the bullet and buy her an automatic cat food feeder. I looked around online and those suckers are expensive!  While my sleep is worth more than the $70+ they charge for these, I just couldn’t bear to shell out that kind of cash for a cat dish.  Enter my reward points.

The bank I use offers reward points for every dollar you spend and I have amassed quite the number of points (it doesn’t hurt that my bills are automatically paid through my bank card, which gets you more points). While browsing their site I came across the Petmate LeBistro Programmable Feeder. Score!  I quickly surrendered my points and patiently waited for the feeder to come in the mail. 

This counts how many meals it dispenses, has a low battery indicator, serves 1-3 meals a day and dispenses in 1/4 cup increments up to 2 cups.  I’m happy to say that I haven’t had to get up early to feed Sami ever since this beauty found its way into my home.  It makes this funny whooshing noise when it dispenses the food and Sami hasn’t quite figured out that the sound = food but she eventually realizes that there is magically more food in her dish every morning and night.

IMG_3829 It’s rather large (5 lb. capacity) and I’m trying to decide if I should put it somewhere else but finding floor space in my small house is a challenge. So for now it resides in the kitchen where her old food dish was located.

IMG_3824 Anyone else out there have an automatic feeder for your pets?  Or have you traded in any of your reward points for cool items for your home?  I think the next thing I’ll use my points for are some Target gift cards since that’s where I earned many of the points to begin with!


  1. It's just like Callie's. She loves it.

  2. Okay that is BEST IDEA EVER! I will be taking a look at this as well. My kitties are frustrated with me and my retail schedule where they get fed at odd hours every day. That's so great! Thanks


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