Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I’ve been patiently waiting for my new IKEA catalog to come in the mail and it has yet to arrive even though I requested it weeks ago.  I think a trip to the Canton IKEA is in store this week. While browsing new arrivals online I found the cutest things for kids…now, if only I had a kid or two to buy these toys for!

Kort Art Cards


Duktig 15- piece soft breakfast set and 18-piece soft dessert set

softbreakfast softdessert

Duktig 14-piece soft vegetable set and 9-piece soft fruit basket set


I love the soft foods and think they would be great for any kid who has a kiddie kitchen or even if you don’t.  Anyone see the new catalog yet?  What were your favorite items?


  1. those art cards are amazing!! i just made the 4 hour journey to ikea last week - wish i'd seen those!!!

  2. I *love* the soft foods. Em got a kitchen for her baptism, I may have to get some even though she is too little still.

  3. i know im dying for mine to come in!

  4. We are getting Ana Lucia a kitchen for her bday! I may have to buy some extras :)

  5. Ikea just kills me, but it's the cinnamon rolls they sell, not all the other great things!


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